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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> oakland demands justice in shooting death of florida teenager. 7 news begins in 60 shooting death of florida teenager. 7 news begins in 60 seconds ñsñsñsñsñs÷s÷s÷sçñqñqñqñqñqñqñqñ
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>> man police say is behind a mass murder inside a san francisco home has a criminal record and a legal loop hole allowed him to stay in the united states. good evening i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn. immigration officials wanted mass murder suspect luck deport the years ago after he served time at san quentin prison but the efforts blocked. lillian is live at the san francisco home where the 5 bodies were found. lillian. >>reporter: carolyn, friends of the murder victims started gathering in front of the home about an hour ago. they set a fire and performed small ceremony in honor of the 5 people killed here friday. mourners continue to flock to the san francisco home where 5 people were found murdered.
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luck is under arrest for the gruesome killings and tonight we learn more about the 35-year-old from vietnam. immigration and custom enforcement also known as ice took luck into custody 6 years ago. tried to have him deported as soon as he finished serving time for robbery conviction. immigration judge ordered him removed from the country. but because vietnamese officials failed to provide the proper travel documents ice by law had to release luck in december of 2006. immigration attorney the says it wasn't until a few years later when the u.s. and vietnam reached some kind of agreement over immigration. >> it was not until early 2008 that they were able to establish a relationship where they would have a an agreement to accept deporte from the united states and even that agreement at that point in time was limited. >>reporter: according to ice luck made regular visits to immigration officials for the past 6 years. the agency wrote he continued to report to the
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ice office in san francisco as required after his release from ice custody. and had no other incidents or arrests during that period. but then, of course, came friday. although police haven't revealed the motive, reliable sources investigators believe the killing spree was over a gambling debt. neighbor shot this video s.w.a.t. team moving in moments before they took luck into custody. neighbor brown says she was shocked to find out it was him. >> he would hold a parking spot for my daughter. hard to find a parking spot he said i will hold a parking spot while you move your car. ask for ride on motorcycle he say when you get time get ready i'll take you for a ride. >>reporter: police are expected to hand this case over to the da office tomorrow. luck will then likely be arraigned on wednesday. live in san francisco, ingleside district, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you lillian. >> san francisco medical examiner office says 4 of the
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victims are family members. they are vincent lee, his mother juan lee and father lee lay and older city yin lee and the suspect girlfriend. 37-year-old fv was software engineer in emeryville where she was describe as smart and quiet. her father was getting ready to retire. this afternoon a memorial for him at china town r and g restaurant where the man known as chef had worked for 18 years. the owner says chef lee had been a teacher in china before coming to the u.s. >> reaction grows tonight to the can i go of florida teenager trayvon martin bay neighborhood watch captain. in the bay area and across the country tonight the outrage is growing as is the demand for justice. allen is here with that and new information leaked today about the young man who was shot. >> yes dan. supporters of trayvon martin say had he not been black and wearing a hoodie he would have never been shot. now police confirm reports the
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teenager was the aggressor and he was out of school because of drug related issue. angry crowds demonstrating from new york to kansas city to oakland city hall. newly leaked information that 17-year-old trayvon martin was serving school suspension for possessing plastic bag containing traces of marijuana. >> i think these statements are come out are statements to try to reclaim some sense of integrity but the integrity is lost when the child lost his life. >>reporter: fatal interaction between trayvon and neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman began at 7:10 that night. zimmerman called 911 describing a suspicious person in his neighborhood. >> are you following him. >> ya. >> okay we don't need to you do that. >>reporter: 2 minutes later cell phone records the girlfriend called him saying he was being followed and he was scared.
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>> sf zimmerman told police martin attacked him at 7:15. punching him in the nose and slamming his head on the ground. at that time 13-year-old austin brown was walking his dog. >> one person on the ground or 2. >> i just saw one person on the ground. i know the they had on a t-shirt if. >>reporter: light colored dark color. >> a red t-shirt. >>reporter: zimmerman was wearing a red shirt that night. and nothing to identify him as a night watch man. then for about 60 seconds no audio and no eyewitnesses. this is when zimmerman says trayvon went for his gun and that's when he shot the 17-year-old. >> george had no intention of taking anybody's life. he cried for days after that happened. >> zimmerman took my son away from me. >>reporter: in florida trayvon's father spoke at sanford city hall meeting where tensions are spilling over. >> for the sanford police
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department to feel as though they were going to sweep another young black minority death upped the rug is an atrocity. >>reporter: george zimmerman is still in hiding and has not been arrested but grand jury is preparing to look into that case. dan. >> okay thanks very much. allen wong reporting. >> trayvon mother filed papers to trademark 2 slogans based on her son's name. filing with the trademark office are for the sayings i am trayvon and justice for trayvon. they could be used for dvd and cd. fulton says she wants to protect the intellectual property rights of the slogans in projects to help other family ins similar situations. man seriously wounded early yesterday outside a peninsula home may have been drunk and lost. it happened about 4:30 am on crane drive in foster city. police say he was trying to get into the a house when a man inside thinking it was burglar opened fire. investigators say the shoot being victim had been out drink
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with friends and may have thought the home belonged to one of those friends. no charges have been filed. >> the search for missing morgan hill teenager enters new phase tomorrow. 15-year-old sierra la mar last seen on friday morning march 16 about 10 days ago. so far only volunteers trained by the santa clara county sheriff's department have been involved in the search. tomorrow will be the first time volunteers from the community at large will join the hunt. michael lee says he will be among them. he went through similar ordeal when his sister michelle vanished last year. >> i see my family and i see their minds change. i see them hurting. labor of love. it hurts to do this but at the same time it feels really good to be able to help the family. >> fbi is involved in the search for sierra usually indicating a kidnapping investigation. there have been hundreds of tips but no solid ladies. >> at public hearing tonight daly city lawmakers voted to ban medicine marijuana clubs. council members say they attract a criminal element
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adding burden to police department already spread thin. lawmakers also say residents need medical mayor kahn can make the short trip to one of san francisco 18 or so pot clubs. >> federal judge sentenced to to former san francisco giants payroll manager to 21 month ins prison for stealing more than two million dollars from the team. it is a story first report the by abc 7 dan and the i team. robin o'connor pleaded guilty last november to improperly reducing employee tax withholdings and creating fake employees even. she would then transfer the money into her personal bank accounts o. connor was ordered to pay 1.4 million dollars in restitution to the giants. her lawyer had argued unsuccessfully that o'connor should not 7 prison time because she must care for young autistic child at home. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney made stealth campaign pit stop in the bay area tonight. sf the
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protestors waited outside a redwood city hotel to greet the candidate but he never paid a public appearance. he was takening fundraiser tonight co-hosted by hp ceo whitman. romney had 3 more fundraisers scheduled across the state tomorrow. rick santorum will be in the bay area this week as well for fund rateser scheduled for thursday at the jelly belly candy company this fairfield. santorum is open to being romney vice president if romney wins the nomination. residents poll of republican voters in california shows santor um trails romney by 19 percent. >> supreme court will get straight to the heart of the bottle over health care legislation tomorrow. they will hear arguments over the constitutionality of the provision in the law that requires americans to buy health insurance. today the justices decided to consider this issue quickly and not delay the decision until the full health care reformula goes into effect. right now the court is divided over this issue. >> if it's successful if nobody will pay the penalty. >> i find it hard to think that
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this is clear. whatever else it is. it is easy to think it's not clear. >> observers believe 4 justices are likely to uphold the law. 2 to strike it down. roberts, cautious conservative and scalia who could surprise and kennedy hold the key to the case perhaps. >> president obama made a candid assessment of political reality when he thought no one was listeningment up next the comments that his republican rival on the attack. >> light showers on live copler 7 hd but much more coming as the storm gathers moisture off the coast. i'll show you where it dumps the heaviest rain coming up. >> plus the sweet findings of new study on chocolate. how it might actually be good for your waist line. >> later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". female under age and very drunk. we go in the
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secret world of young girls who binge drink and new statistics are staggering. plus what kate winslet really thinks about the rerelease of titanic in 3d. winslet really thinks about the rerelease of titanic in 3d. that's on
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>> closed captioning brought to
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is. >> president obama opponent pounced on an off the record comment he made today during his trip to south korea. jake has more on what the president said when he thought no one was listening. >> hot microphone picked up a private presidential plea. president obama knows well that the russians are fawr us over u.s. plans to build a missile defense shield in europe. and he wanted word to be sent to putin asking for a little time to smooth things out. white house down play the remark but the president promising to negotiate after reelection had republicans pouncing. >> that is an alarming and
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troubling development. >>reporter: the president focus at the nuclear summit in south korea has been on the rogue nation across the heavily fortified border he visited north korea. >> there will be no rewards for provocation. the those days are over. >>reporter: that regime is sounding in planning the launch of long range missile next month. the this is traveling with the president in south korea 8. company this make so called pink slime suspended operations at 3 of its 4 plants today. the beef product is blaming all the media attention for the shut down. plants in iowa, texan kansas are closing for now. they make the low cost beef filler that is treated with ammonia. company says it's lean. finely texas toured beef but critic call it unappetizing example of industrial food production. 200 workers in each plant get 2 month pay and benefits. >> eating chocolate may not be so bad for your waist line. according to new study by research at uc san diego people
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who regularly indulge in chocolate typically weigh less than those who don't. this doesn't mean candy should be used as weight loss tool but researchers say it's possible the antioxidant of chocolate may contribute to better health benefit like low bloop or lower bloop and cholesterol levels. study was published today in the archives of internal medicine. i love that. >> yes. let's check in now on the forecast. >> sandy is here a little more rain coming in. >> absolutely dan and carolyn. live doppler 7 hd and we have rain right now as you look here most is concentrated in the north bay. this is just the beginning of what is to come. sea ranch area getting very late showers and sprinkles. also around ukiah highway 101 clover dale area taking down to street level. canyon road wet there. king ridge road right around the jenner fort ross area and very light rain right now. temperatures at this hour in the 40's and 50's and i'm getting reports from around the
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bay area dillon beach area in marin county is saying the winds are crazy here. yes higher elevation are getting 3 30, 40 miles an hour wind gust. lower elevation 20 to 30 millions right now. sprinkle lit showers in the north bay tonight. rain spreads south tomorrow. showers will diminish as we head in your wednesday. so here is the storm that is going to bring us the rain. right now we get the moisture out ahead of the cold front. this one will provide another drenching particularly to the north bay so let me show you a computer animation beginning now 5:00 a.m. that morning commute is wet in the north bay as you cap see here. rain is concentrated rate here. then as the afternoon goes on the east bay peninsula down towards the san m take 0county coast and santa cruz mountains start to get some rainfall in the afternoon. heaviest rain right along the cold front once again in the north bay and then at 5:00 p.m. the entire bay area is getting soaked for the evening commute. it's sloppy. heavy rain concentrated here. reflected in the rainfall total in just a moment. here
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scattered showers 5:00 a.m. wednesday behind that cold front so the commute next 2 mornings looking bad and tomorrow evening is looking even worse. tomorrow afternoon or wednesday afternoon excuse me finally start to see some clearing. rainfall total highest in the north bay up to 5 inches expected there in the mountains. north bay lower elevation 1 to 3 inches. santa cruz mountains up to 2 and half but for rest of the bay area see lower total here planes east bay half inch and south bay quarter to 3 quarters of an inch through wednesday afternoon. sierra nevada will get some snow. but the snow levels are going to be high. this is mild storm in nature so wenter storm warning goes up tomorrow evening at 5 continues until 5:00 p.m. wednesday. 1 to 2 feat of new snow expected above 7000 feet. you will want to carry your chains traveling up that way because you might run that problems traveling. first thing in the morning numbers in the 40's. rain here in the north bay and then by the afternoon everyone is getting wet. need the rain gear. it's certainly going to get windy along the north bay
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coast line and the hills. could see south wind gusting up to 45 miles an hour. temperatures there coolest in the mid upper 50's. you start out with the wet weather first. inland east bay down to peninsula south bay mostly low to mid 60's and breezy wet day as well. monterey bay temperatures in the low mid 60's and it will get breezy out soft south as well. 7 day forecast rain tomorrow. morning showers mainly on wednesday and then it is dry and mild for your thursday friday but just as you get used to the milder weather here comes the rain again. saturday morning will get some more moisture and then it's a windy weekend at this point with dry conditions returning by monday carolyn and dan. >> this ace pretty decent system. >> this storm will soak the north bay. that's where we are going to see the highest rain total. >> a lot of making up to do. writ now by the way we run about 35 to 59 percent of normal in terms of the rainfall so that weekend storm did help a little bit. >> okay. >> getting there. >> thanks. >> just ahead. 130 dollar check that essentially created
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the billion dollar comic book industry. >> it could be yours for the right price. the story when 7 >> it could be yours for the right price. the story when 7 news continues b@
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>> pope is in cuba on 48 hour visit. crowds of people here line the streets to greet the pontiff as he arrived in the pope mobile. he blessed patron saint at out door mass in santiago. cuban president castro among senior officials who greeted him. island communist government never out law religion but closed religious school when fidel came to power in 1959. >> discount airlines raising fare and other airlines could follow. they announced it's in creasing round trip ticket praises between 4 and 10 dollars across the board. airline blames the increase cost for jet fuel. this will be the third price increase in south west this year. >> bird plane first check creators of superman got from dc come nick 19 38 and now on the auction block. bidding on the check that's 6500 dollars now opened at a dollar this
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morning. current bid more than 22,000. this gave dc comic full ownership of superman. bid on the check on comic through april 16. >> basically started 1 bill dlaivrments piece of nice good news for stanford women basketball. >> that was some investment. talk about paying off. stanford women basketball team. next stop? final 4 where they will meet the woman who rules the countr
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>> good evening. stanford women basketball team heading back to the final 4 for the fifth consecutive year. cardinal punching the ticket in denver and britney will be waiting for them. in fresno tonight. getting loose before the game with duke. yes this is the way we get ready for most newscast here. just like that. dan loves to hip-hop. neck inside and you have to guard her. stanford up the and
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rice cheering them on. for 3 here stanford in total control here. look at the passing. freshman. sister, 12 point. 17 rebounds. andrew luck styl style. down the court. 29 points here and 81-69 the final. stanford on to the final 4 once again. >> this is going to be the fourth one i have been to and this all started you know the year before i even came to stanford and i always wanted to be a part of this culture. and the feeling never gets never gets old. >>reporter: here's what they are offering. tennessee couldn't stop. baylor and britney in the des moines regional final. she's the human eraser. her stat line 23 points. 15 rebound. 9 blocks. as baylor cruises sfaev-58. and with less than a minute to go she left the bench for altercation on the floor. she was ejected but will not be
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suspended for the final 4 so stanford versus her on subpoenaed. well things have gotten desperate in the shark responded. making play off push now. they crushed colorado tonight. moving to first place top pacific you better be tough throughout right now. tommy ouch. stick to the face for shane. that's a penalty. sharks came in tied with colorado and la for eighth place. joe on the rebound her here. one nothing in the second. later in the second period. shark control behind the net to mitchell and 3-1 game early in the third sharks on the power play. ballots for the puck along the board. joe here basically rugby scrubs it in. somehow for a second of the night. huge victory moving san jose top pacific by one slim point. opener wed tuning up today with the tigers. and ross was the one who got tuned up by the tigers. hello.
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realitiesed ross for 8 runs on 10 hits. kurt homered for the second straight game for the a. 3 run shot but they fall 12-6. welcome sight for the giants. ryan bogey making cactus league debut against kc. back and strike out 2. allows one run and giants victorious 4-2. men soccer. olympic settled by the world best under 23 team and u.s. will not be among them in london. this game tying goal by el salvador. tied them and ending the qualifying hopes marks second time since 1976 the americans have not qualified for the summer games. so big set become for usa soccer. >> that's a shame. >> "nightline"up next. >> i'm carolyn. remember keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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